Monthly Archives: November 2012 launches new site, the quality hosiery retailer, has recently launched a new site – updating both the look and feel, as well as the functionality it offers its customers. We think it looks gorgeous (but then we might just be a little bit biased. You be the judge!   The site how boasts multi-select navigation, a “One-Step” checkout and a

What is the most important feature of ANY mobile eCommerce site?

I was going to let the debate rage on this important question, after all mobile is the fastest growing channel out there and it is important that all the evidence is is collated, analysed and the correct conclusions are drawn. But no the answer is too clear – too vital  – and too simple! So what, you

FAO Shop launches

Flint Technology loves to get involved with businesses at the beginning of their ascent and with FAO we have found a winner. The site is minimalist in the extreme and lets the products do the talking – and what products! We are all looking for the perfect balance between form and functionality  – but FAO live by this motto.