Monthly Archives: February 2014

Introducing new addition to Flint – Web Designer Jose Paitamala

Your favourite Magento eCommerce agency in SW London (that’s Flint, of course!) has appointed a new Web Designer, Jose Paitamala. Jose is responsible for working with the  Design and Front End Development team to improve the user experience of Flint clients’ websites through great design, as well as working with our developers on the build

How to create and edit Magento CMS Pages

One of the great features of Magento is its Content Management System (CMS) functionality. This feature gives you complete control to quickly and easily create and edit content on your website. Here at Flint we design and implement page templates which you can then use to to create new pages and populate those pages with your

How to create and edit Magento CMS Static Blocks

What are Magento Static Blocks? Static Blocks are sections of content within a page. Magento allows you to create these blocks of content which can then be implemented in various places on your website. The benefit of using Static Content Blocks is that the same block can be reused on multiple pages and locations saving you

The Ecommerce / Magento Transactional Email List

Out of the box Magento comes with 37 different transactional email templates. These range from New Account Confirmation to New Order Confirmation to Wish List Sharing. We’ve compiled the list of all of Magento’s transactional emails below, just in case you need them. Key Transactional Emails As these emails are sent to your customers you

How to setup VAT for EU countries in Magento

Ever wondered how to quickly setup VAT tax rates for applicable countries within the EU? Me to, so I checked with HRMC and created a spreadsheet which you can easily import to set this up quickly. Flint: Magento EU VAT Tax Rates Sales > Tax > Import / Export Tax Rates Disclaimer: Hopefully some of you find