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How to get social to work for you

We have been looking at social strategy for a number of clients recently – and the news is – Social is no longer something that is coming – it is well and truly here – and needs to be included as a key part of your traffic generation, conversion and customer retention strategy (ie it

Evaluating Magento? – 9 Factors You Should Take into Account

Are you evaluating Magento? If so you are likely to be drowning in a sea of conflicting information – some of which says that Magento is the best thing since low sugar salt free bread, and some of which makes you wonder why anyone in their right mind ever uses Magento at all. First of

Official FEEFO Integration Module version 2 is launched

Feefo is an independent customer feedback system which can enhance your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), increase onsite conversion, reduce returns and improve your customer loyalty and all in one package!! What makes Feefo so effective is that it provides future customer with independent reviews from actual customers – ensuring that customer trust in your brand

15 Magento Blogs that will Improve your eCommerce Understanding

eCommerce is complicated – we all know that; and sometimes we all make it more complicated than it needs to be (but that’s a topic for another day!). Magento is fairly straightforward in the main – but like all full featured platforms – it can get overwhelming. So the question is where do you turn

Custom Canonical URLs for SEO – an Essential Magento SEO Extension

If you own an eCommerce business you’ll know how key SEO is to your online presence, and how important this is for making your site easy to find for potential customers using search engines. Magento is one of the most search engine friendly e-commerce platforms out there, however it’s not perfect, particularly when dealing with

Introducing new addition to Flint – Maria Alvarez

Flint have a new addition to the commercial team in the form of Ecommerce Assistant to support the team’s Project Manager, Designers and Developers to deliver client websites and digital applications. Maria  has come to Flint Technology eager to learn and full of energy. Needless to say, She is more than excited to be part