Magento 2 – Five facts to think about!

Magento 2 is here, and already we are getting inundated with calls from retailers who are thinking about migrating on to it, and want information. So what is our advice? Well, as always, the devil is in the detail and it depends on the size and complexity of your eCommerce infrastructure. In the main our advice

5 Ecommerce Trends that are Critical for Success in 2016

2015 was, without doubt, a great year for ecommerce with sales expected to top £60 billion, and with the UK expected to lead the way to 19.3% of sales by 2019. Retailers such as John Lewis reported a fantastic 40% of sales coming from online over the 6 weeks to Christmas. DELIVERY Having a great delivery proposition

Gamification – 6 ways to apply it to eCommerce

Gamification is a hot topic right now (and has been for a few years), especially as retailers look at ways to increase engagement with their customers and chase ever increasing sales targets. In this article we look at what gamification can do for ecommerce, and some simple steps to start implementing gamification principles. What is

Flint’s RedEye Extension for Magento® is launched!

Magento is a great eCommerce platform, but part of what makes it great is the ability to integrate with best of breed services and platforms. Email marketing is a key element of any retailer’s communication strategy; this is why more and more retailers want to get the most out of it. Flint has just launched a

Protein Dynamix relaunches its website on Magento®

Protein Dynamix is a fresh thinking sports nutrition brand dedicated to providing ‘Best in Class’ industry leading sports supplements at an affordable price. Flint Technology recently re-launched their site on the Magento platform. Brief Protein Dynamix needed to be able to evolve their offering and react fast and efficiently in the highly competitve sports supplement market. They

Hints and Tips on Magento® Search – Make it work for you

What are the problems With Magento Search? As you will know if you have used Magento for more than a couple of weeks, Magento search is not great! It always seems to either return thousands of results (of mostly limited relevance) or none at all. It does not do many of the things that customers regards as

5 Order Management platforms that integrate well with Magento®

If you have been using Magento for a while and you have a large number of orders coming in you will be well aware of the limitations that the platform has as regards order and inventory management. You have probably asked some or all of the following questions: How can I accurately account for stock

Red Valentino Homepage

Red Valentino launches a new site built by Flint Technology

Flint are massively proud to have recently launched a new and revolutionary site for Red Valentino. Valentino is one of the world’s great brands, and Red Valentino is the youth sub-brand of the Italian Fashion powerhouse. Brief Red Valentino required a site that would allow them: To enthuse their young fashion audience with beautiful and

Trotters Childrenswear new site on the Magento Ecommerce platform

We just love the new site that Trotters Childrenswear have recently lauched  – and we should as we build it! Trotters have just celebrated 25 years since their foundation with a huge party in Duke of York’s Square in Chelsea, London which was, by all accounts, one of the family events of the season! Trotters