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Canonical URLs for SEO

Maximise your SEO of canonical URLs
Current version: 1.0.3

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Quick Overview

Take control of canonical URLs across Product, Category and CMS pages to maximise your SEO ranking, and correctly de-duplicate product listing content for previous, next and see-all links.

  • Avoid penalties for duplicated content, all without the help of a developer
  • Determine how your pages are referenced and indexed by search engines
  • Have a fine-grained control of your canonical tags
  • Minimise integration timescales, It works with other SEO modules and Magento caching

Magento 2.x module coming soon - sign up to our waiting list to be notified about timescales and developments!

Community Edition 1.5.x - to
Enterprise Edition 1.9.x - to

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Optimise precisely how your pages are referenced and indexed with fine-grained control over your canonical URLs, and avoid penalties for duplicated content.


  • Maximise your search ranking by optimising your canonical urls precisely for any category, product or cms page
  • Avoid penalties for duplicate content with correct handling of previous and next SEO indexing on layered navigation pages
  • Support and control cross-domain canonical urls (e.g. homepage), removing SEO penalties in multi-store environments


  • Manage your canonicals via Magento admin screens, without the help of a developer
  • Import your product canonical urls en-masse using Magento's standard product importer (i.e. via a spreadsheet)
  • Properly integrates with Magento caching


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