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Khaos Control

Integrate products, stock and orders
Current version: 1.4.10

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Quick Overview

Integrate your product catalogue, customer orders and inventory management with the KHAOS Control platform, a leading multi-channel order management, purchasing and inventory system from Keystone Software.

With this extension you get an off-the-shelf working solution, integrating your website, call centre and warehouse to deliver your customers accurate information and better service, reduce your operating costs, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and repeat business.

We've resolved Khaos integration issues in proven production environments, and packaged that experience and technology to offer a high value, fixed cost, low risk, and quick solution to the most common integration requirements.

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Our module delivers a plug and play "integration by configuration" solution, designed to get you operational fast, without development. We've also included numerous integration tools for auditing and performance that make a difficult task far simpler, and minimise integration risk.

The sections below highlight some of the module's features and benefits.

This module makes integration a breeze, saving weeks of effort and risk; and provides a reliable and robust platform on which to run operations.


  • Massively reduce your integration risks and time to production
  • Align business processes across Magento and Khaos via configuration
  • Enjoy advanced Khaos stock managment features within Magento
  • Avoid typical Magento integration performance related problems
  • Resolve problems fast using rich diagnostic reporting
  • Ensure customer facing product and inventory data is accurate
  • Keep customers informed about order status
  • Repeat any task manually for ad-hoc work
  • Automate many tasks, and get email notifications when issues arise

Product Management

  • Imports Khaos products into Magento, supporting creation of simple and configurable products.
  • Full mapping of Khaos stock fields onto Magento product attributes, so you can control precisely the information you want to synchronise.
  • Supports product level tax imports, and "was-is" product pricing.
  • Repeatable imports to keep product data fresh.

Price Management

  • Manage price lists within Khaos and publish to Magento
  • Map Khaos price lists to Magento stores and sites, to maintain different pricing across front-ends.
  • Associate price lists with Magento customer groups for personalised pricing with each of your stores.
  • Synchronise Khaos promotional prices with Magento's time based special prices.

Stock Management

  • Custom sales rules supporting Khaos run to zero flag, giving you fine control over product backorder behaviour.
  • Live stock checks during basket and checkout actions - ensuring you never unwillingly sell out of stock items, invaluable for multi-channel retailers.
  • Enriched backorder messaging showing quantities and backorder dispatch estimates (requires Flint Advancemessaging module) – increases customer confidence and therefore conversion.
  • Automated inventory importer, to maintain consistent stock levels between platforms.

Order Management

  • Configurable mapping of Khaos and Magento order status workflows, ensuring your business rules are consistently aligned.
  • Automated order status updates for customers – ensuring they are kept fully informed about the status of their purchases.
  • Automated fail-safe order transfers to Khaos, ensuring orders reach Khaos in the most robust manner possible.
  • Supports all standard Magento payment methods (cards, PO, ), and Sagepay for deferred billing scenarios.

Advanced Integration Tools

  • Test mode permitting you to prepare your integration before going live.
  • Full auditing of platform interactions, for swift problem diagnostics and resolution.
  • Ability to execute every interaction manually, enabling ad-hoc updates or quick tests.
  • Comprehensive reporting of performance metrics, to support system tuning and optimisation.
  • Configurable Magento indexing control to optimise performance in production environments.
  • Admin screen management of automated schedules, allowing you to control interactions without a developer.
  • Success and error warning emails, to alert you in case of problems.


We offer the following types of support (contact us for pricing) for our Khaos Control Integration suite:

  • Liaison with Khaos Control and your network provider for successful deployment of module
  • Configuration of your server (Linux only) to connect with Khaos
  • Installation and connectivity test of your module
  • Consultation meeting to identify requirements and provide advice
  • Development of custom functionality or module enhancements

We are able to provide support on a retainer basis, or fixed cost depending on your needs.


  • Manually Execute Anything

    Manually Execute Anything

  • Import Products Individually

    Import Products Individually

  • Import Products in Bulk

    Import Products in Bulk

  • Import Stock (Bulk)

    Import Stock (Bulk)

  • Import Stock (Realtime)

    Import Stock (Realtime)

  • Export Orders

    Export Orders

  • Import Order Status

    Import Order Status

  • Export Catalogue Request

    Export Catalogue Request

  • Audit Log

    Audit Log

  • Audit Log Entry

    Audit Log Entry

  • Audit Log Entry

    Audit Log Entry

  • Configure Webservice

    Configure Webservice

  • Configure Product Importer

    Configure Product Importer

  • Configure Stock Importer (Bulk)

    Configure Stock Importer (Bulk)

  • Configure Product Integration

    Configure Product Integration

  • Configure Stock Importer (Realtime)

    Configure Stock Importer (Realtime)

  • Configure Customer Integration

    Configure Customer Integration

  • Configure Order Integration

    Configure Order Integration

  • Configure Order Exporter

    Configure Order Exporter

  • Configure Order Status Importer

    Configure Order Status Importer