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Verifone PAYware Ocius (v2)

Session Based ICP XML 4
Current version: 2.4.8

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Quick Overview

Full Magento SUPEE-6788 support from version 2.4.2
(download upgrade here)

Take card payments safely and directly on your website with Verifone's session based Payment Gateway service, massively reducing your PCI requirements.

  • Access low cost transaction payments
  • Customer cards never touch your server to minimse PCI requirements
  • Keep customers on your site during checkout, increasing brand trust
  • Leverage PCI compliant tokens for future transactions
  • Decide and manage your own fraud exposure settings

US Clients   This module requires a UK merchant account - please confirm details with your Verifone account manager prior to purchase.

Magento 2.x module coming soon - sign up to our waiting list to be notified about timescales and developments!

Community Edition 1.5.x - latest 1.*
Enterprise Edition 1.10.x - latest 1.*

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Increase customer confidence in your brand by performing checkout payments on your website, using our high security payment gateway integration.

Our gateway minimises your PCI requirements, and allows you to leverage Verifone's competitive pricing model.

You can adjust your own anti-fraud settings, and enforce 3D secure card checks. The module provides programming hooks to easy integrate with logistics platforms (such as MNP), and reduces Verifone testing overhead (since it's already proven in production).

It used to be called VeriFone Payment Gateway.

For more information on VeriFone click here

Please, give us a call for more information:
TEL: +44 (0) 20 7060 6512

New in Version 2

Supports Verifone "sessions" during checkout:

  • Card numbers never touch your server Customers enter card details into an iframe, submitted directly to Verifone.
  • Customers stay on your checkout page Coherent user experience at your critical purchasing point, instead of directing to a third party website.
  • No orphaned transactions Unlike unreliable "Pay Page" solutions we don't use callbacks, so you don't get problematic "orphaned" transactions.

We've also improved other frequently used features like logging and customer messaging.


  • Supports session and tokenised payments for easy upgrades
  • Minimise PCI requirements with sessions (cards never touch your server)
  • Optional token creation for safe & advanced reuse of payment details
  • Keep customers on your site during checkout, increasing brand trust
  • Integrate payments easily into logistics platforms (requires programming)
  • Decide and manage your own fraud exposure settings
  • Minimise integration timescales with an already proven module
  • Works with OneStepCheckout (not Session based solution)

Payment Processing

  • Auth & Settle, or Auth with deferred settlement via Magento Backoffice
  • Full MOTO payment support using separate merchant accounts than checkout
  • Save card for later feature (using tokens) to generate customer loyalty and expedite checkout
  • Refunds via Magento Admin screens
  • Supports Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Maestro cards
  • Easy development integration with logistics platforms (like MNP) for delayed settlements, with example code
  • Full multi store and multi currency
  • Customisable customer facing messaging via translation files
  • Integrates with Onestepcheckout


  • Configurable 3D secure checks for Visa and Mastercard cards with optional liability shift
  • AVS and CVC card checks with configurable security settings
  • Fully tokenised to minimise PCI requirements and secure transactions
  • Admin reports to analyse token usage and potential fraud


  • Rock-solid code base using Magento best practices for maximum reliability
  • Test mode for development environments
  • Configurable control over live and test mode customer messages (for swifter testing and deployment)
  • Support for load test proxying (for multi-server load balanced testing)
  • Rich Api debugging infrastructure to expedite Verifone integration testing
  • Pre-configured to work out the box with Flint's test account, to get up and running fast


  • Card Checkout

    Card Checkout

  • 3D Secure Check

    3D Secure Check

  • 3D Secure success

    3D Secure success

  • Customer Saved Card (token)

    Customer Saved Card (token)

  • Save Card Checkout

    Save Card Checkout

  • 3D Secure Configuration

    3D Secure Configuration

  • Gateway Configuration

    Gateway Configuration

  • Card Checkout Configuration

    Card Checkout Configuration

  • MOTO Configuration

    MOTO Configuration

  • Saved Card Checkout Configuration

    Saved Card Checkout Configuration

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